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22 Jun

5 Reasons To Choose Implant-Supported Dentures To Replace Missing Teeth

Dentures that patch up on implants are called implant-supported dentures. Typically the implants are mounted on the lower jaw because this is where the dentures usually require more support. Dentists often choose this method when the patient doesn’t have any teeth in his jaw but has enough bone to support an implant. As much as you take care of ordinary dentures, it is important to take care of your implant-supported Denture. Remember to take it out at night and regularly clean it. The dentist will tell you how to get your dentures cared for.

There are many reasons you would need to get Implant Dentures. Here are five advantages for making your decision easier:

Good on Your Jaw Bone

Many people who get traditional dentures experience gum loss slowly, because they rest on their gums and wear them down slowly. However, implant-supported dentures do not wear down the soft tissue because they are placed over them, and do not add strain to the gums. Via constant stimulation they protect the jawbone from potential bone loss and may even help the jaw bone regenerate.

Restoring proper dietary chewing

It does not sound like a huge deal but just the people who are unable to eat the food they like, would love to learn this. As we get older and lose our teeth, we lose the ability to enjoy the food we love as well. It affects not only our appetite but also our health. They restore proper food chewing which improves digestion as a result.

Get your Smile Back

Your smile is saying a lot about you but unfortunately our teeth are beginning to lose their place and our face is changing over time. Not only are the teeth helping us chew but they also support our jaw and add length to our face. Without them we might lose our looks. People often stop smiling when they lose their teeth, because they do not like the sight of what they see. When you get dentures that are supported by Implant you can get back a part of yourself and feel more confident.

Naturally attractive

A denture assisted by an implant looks more natural, and after you get it, even the work of your teeth becomes more organic. In contrast to traditional dentures that sit on and wear your gums, these dentures are fixed to the implants and do not even move when you chew your food.

No Removal

You don’t have to worry about slippage, because the dentures are sitting on implants and not on your gums. With trust and without fear of dislocating your dentures, you can chew your food.

Implant Supported dentures are not only more natural in appearance and feeling, they are also easier to maintain than traditional dentures. They fix your smile and protect your jawbone which the traditional dentures can damage. For your daily appointments, don’t forget to visit us to make sure everything runs well. If you’re considering getting these restorations, we will get you the best dental implant-supported dentures in Charlotte NC.

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