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The term emergency dentist refers to an issue revolving around the teeth and its supporting tissues that require immediate medical attention. A dental emergency causes immense pain and worry, and can often restrain the patients from walking, speaking, and performing other activities. If left unattended, it can lead to a loss of a tooth. According to the American Dental Association, there are several symptoms of a dental emergency. For proper understanding, we are listing below the major causes that lead to this situation –

  • Severe pain and bleeding for a prolonged period of time.
  • A broken, cracked or knocked out tooth.
  • Loss of dental crown or filling.

In general, any dental problem that demands immediate medical attention to stop bleeding, mitigate severe pain, or to save a tooth can be termed as a dental emergency. Therefore, the patients must never hesitate to visit a dentist providing emergency dental care, if they think any of the above symptoms are bothering them.

Emergency Dentist Charlotte NC

Emergency Dentist

Things Patients Should Do If They Land Up In A Dental Emergency?

The first thing that the patients can do in case they find that they are down with a dental emergency is that they can book an appointment with an emergency dentist. We have established ourselves as the best emergency dentist in the city of Charlotte, NC, and are catering to every needs of the patients seeking immediate dentists.

The patients can leave us a message with the call answering service if they are not able to speak with any of our urgent dentists. The call answering machine will automatically forward us the information of the patient seeking a walk-in emergency dentist along with the contact number. We promise to get back to reply back without wasting any time.

If we find the patients suffering from excessive bleeding, intense pain, or any other kind of oral infection, we immediately refer them to the nearest emergency room. Also, our team of same day dentists providing emergency dental care mentions the condition of the patient in the prescription so that they don’t face any trouble buying the pharmacies.

Emergency Dentist Charlotte NC - What Will You Need For Appointments?

Any patient who gives us a chance to serve them never feels disappointed. Our team of urgent dentists is always ready to address the needs of the patients who are in need of immediate dentists. But before coming, they must carry a few essential things. Here is the complete list –
• An acceptable piece of profile information, such as a driving license.
• Past medical history, including detailed reports and prescriptions.
• A complete list of on-going medications.
• Insurance papers, if any.

Some Common Dental Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention

  • Broken Or Cracked Tooth – In this case, the nerve of the tooth gets exposed. An exposed nerve is extremely sensitive to temperatures, especially to cold.  The patients immediately start suffering from immense pain and worry. The diet schedule of the patients also gets disrupted.
  • Knocked Out Tooth – A knocked out tooth is caused when the patients suffer from any kind of accident or external injury. This again leaves the temperature sensitive nerve exposed, causing massive pain and swelling.
  • Loss of Filling – Fillings are materials used to fill the cavities of the teeth. In simple words, it covers the top of the damaged teeth. Sometimes, the fillings come out due to decay underneath its surface. The immediate effect of a lost filling is profuse bleeding and severe pain.
  • Gum Abscess – An abscess is a pocket of pus that develops in the inner portion of the mouth. It not only affects the tooth but also the areas surrounding it. Gum Abscess is a serious dental disease that has severe adverse effects on the teeth and must be dealt with by an expert same day dentist.


After Care Treatment

A follow-up appointment with an emergency dentist is of utmost importance in the case of a dental emergency. This is done in order to assess the patient's response to the treatment or to complete the other medical procedures. Our dentists thoroughly discuss the situation with the patients and provide all the necessary instructions that are required to be followed for the maximum relief from a situation as worse as a dental emergency.

We always advise our patients to come for annual dental examinations and dental cleanings twice a year. In this way, our dentists will be able to judge the extent of the progress of the ongoing treatment or the onset of any kind of dental emergency.

Why We Can Solemnly Say We Are The Best Walk-in Emergency Dentist In Charlotte, NC

If you ever come across a dental emergency, you should waste no time visiting an emergency dentist. We, at Promenade Center For Dentistry, are a team of highly efficient dentists providing emergency dental care in Charlotte and it is neighboring areas.

We have years of experience in handling emergency dental situations and can vouch for the quality of services we provide. All our team members are the alumni of renowned dental colleges and universities and know exactly how to treat a dental emergency. We are simply the best solution if one ever thinks “who is the best emergency dentist near me in Charlotte, NC”.

Dial our number (704) 321-0980 or shoot us a mail at info@promenade-dentistry.com to book an appointment in case of an emergency. You can also visit us directly at 10844 Providence Rd. Ste 270 Charlotte, NC 28277. We assure you that our emergency dentists will never turn you down in case of a dental emergency.


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