Dental Veneers

Why Choose Dental Veneers?


Dental veneers at our dentistry in Charlotte NC, are a popular option to correct esthetic as well as some functional problems with teeth. With the advent in bonding technology as well as newer porcelain materials, they are now more conservative and stronger than ever.

Porcelain veneers can be described as a thin porcelain jacket that covers the front of a natural tooth. They are usually less than a mm thick and bonded in with a resin cement. Veneers can be used to alter the shade and shape of a tooth and even give strength to compromised teeth.

Dental Veneers

Veneers Procedure

There are usually 2 appointments for a dental veneer process. After the initial exam and discussion of our goals with the veneers. The teeth are prepared, a thin layer of the tooth enamel is removed to make room for the veneer. The teeth are then temporized. Impressions are taken of the prepped teeth and other records are also recorded. The bite, the shade, and description of how we want the teeth to look are sent to the lab. Our lab will then fabricate the restorations and send them back to us for inspection. At your second appointment, we’ll try in the veneers. Observe them in different lighting settings. We’ll make sure the margins are sealed and that you’re happy with the results. Once everything is good to go, we bond the restorations in place.

Once the veneers are bonded into place, they are actually very strong. They will be much more resistant to staining than composite restorations. As far as the esthetics go, a lab fabricated porcelain veneer will look a lot better. And with proper hygiene, care and regular visits to the dentist the veneers should last a very long time.

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