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26 Feb

The Benefits Of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t like to smile bright during an event? Believe this or not, our smiles leave a bigger impression on people than we realize. Whether it’s a graduation ceremony, a birthday party or a weekend hangout, a bright and white smile always stand out from a dull one. So how can dentistry help in giving us the pearly white smile we all desire to have?

With professional teeth whitening, You can get a perfectly white smile in just a few hours! Professional teeth whitening uses a bleaching agent, which is usually hydrogen peroxide and removes the stains from your teeth to give your teeth a whiter look. But since over-the-counter whitening products use the same science as well, what makes in-office teeth whitening stand out?

1. Better results

In-office teeth whitening under a dentist’s supervision can beat over-the-counter whitening products any day with the results. You get much whiter teeth as compared to other products in the market. In-office teeth whitening can whiten your teeth by numerous shades, which can’t be produced by over-the-counter kits very easily.

2. Quicker results

If better results weren’t enough, you get whiter teeth in a much lesser period as compared to over-the-counter whitening kits. With in-office teeth whitening, you can get your teeth perfectly whitened in about 2 hours or less, while over-the-counter products can take weeks to produce such results.

3. Customized for you

Over-the-counter whitening kits are not customized for you; they’re made to fit regular teeth structures. However, every teeth structure in the world is unique. This is why in-office teeth whitening perfectly coats your teeth with the solution and lets your teeth absorb it.

In case you’re looking for convenience, a dentist may also provide custom-made whitening trays to fit your teeth perfectly.

4. Safe

Safety is a consideration that must be taken for any dental procedure. A lot of people turn out to be allergic to whitening gels, resulting in gum burns. However, in-office teeth whitening makes sure that the entire treatment is safe for you, which is why a dentist would first have a thorough consultation with you to perfectly suit your needs.

When you’re looking to get your teeth whitened, one thing you must seek is reliability and experience in your dentist. Thus, to get your ideal teeth whitening dentist in Charlotte NC, click here.

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