12 Oct

Why are Treatment Plans different between Dentists?

We often get patients coming in for a second opinion on treatment plans and work that needs to be done from other offices. People often ask why are there different options between dentists. There are a lot reasons for this. There must be a few hundred dentists in Charlotte, NC, so opinions can certainly differ.

We’ll cover a few scenarios. First, we’ll discuss decay. Tooth decay is a process that occur. Our teeth are constantly remineralizing and demineralizing. Our saliva helps rebuild our teeth, whereas acids break down our teeth. Acids can come from the drinks and foods we consume, and it can come from the bacteria in our mouths. Strep Mutans is the bacteria most responsible for tooth decay. Feed it food, and the bacteria’s waste products will break down our teeth. But as that happens, we brush and floss to remove their food source, and our saliva ultimately rebuilds what had broken down. Once the breakdown, “decay” has reached the second layer of our teeth (dentin), the damages are irreparable, and the area needs to be restored. Sometimes different dentists decide at different times when to treat the problem. Some will wait till it gets to the dentin, some will get it a little bit earlier. There are many variables that are in play. Does the patient come in often? Do they use fluoridated products at home? Do they get professional fluoride application in the dental offices? How are their brushing and flossing habits?

Another scenario will be different treatment options. For example, missing teeth can be restored with a dental implant, a bridge, a removable tooth, or it can be left empty. The costs between the options vary greatly. And there are pros and cons for every option. Depending on the patients’ age and desires, there really is no right answer.

While it may be difficult to choose what options are best for your own set of teeth. Here at Promenade Center For Dentistry, we try to educate our patients on what the situation is, what the options for treatment / no treatment and the potential outcomes of each. And ultimately, it’s up to the patient to decide what they’d like to do. We know there’s are lot of dentists in Charlotte to pick from, but if you ever want to come in for a consult or become a patient here. Feel free to reach out. 704-321-0980, text or call anytime.

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