14 Aug

3 Tips For A Quick Recovery From Tooth Extraction

Among the most common reasons that people opt for tooth extraction is because of troublesome wisdom teeth. If you are among the very few people who have wisdom teeth that don’t impact any of your molars, then you are among the lucky ones. But, for people whose wisdom teeth affect the adjacent molars, only a tooth extraction procedure can give them relief from the excruciating toothache. The process of tooth extraction leaves you with a cavity or hole in your gums. Thus, you will have to take good care after getting your tooth removed surgically.

If you are thinking about if there is any way that you can quickly recover after a tooth extraction process, then read on. Listed below are three tips that will help you in speedy recovery.

#1 Preventing Dry Socket: The moment the dentist detaches a tooth from the tissues, your body begins the healing process. After the tooth is extracted from its designated place, the body forms a blood clot on the site to prevent blood loss. This blood clot is the most crucial part of the healing process. In case this clot is removed, the underlying jaw bone is exposed, which is referred to as a dry socket. Several reasons can lead to a shift in the blood clot’s position, such as getting a dry gauze stuck while stopping blood loss, drinking from a straw, rapidly swishing a liquid, etc. In case you notice excessive bleeding, you should immediately consult a dentist near you.

#2 Keeping Head Elevated: During the first three to four days after the tooth extraction process, you should keep your head in the upright position as much as possible. While lying on your back for sleeping, you should ensure that your upper body is at an angle of 45 degrees. This is vital because when your head is elevated, the blood pressure on your jaw is less, which is necessary for the solidifying the blood clot. Additionally, keeping your head raised also helps in reducing the swelling.

#3 Using Icepack: Dentists in Charlotte, NC, advise using an icepack on the cheek area of the tooth extraction site. An icepack helps in reducing the blood flow and body heat on the surgical site. Additionally, icing also aids in alleviates inflammation and swelling. However, you always wrap the ice in a cloth to avoid getting ice burns. Furthermore, you should avoid icing the swollen area for over twenty minutes at a stretch.

Thus, it is necessary to follow all the safety instructions suggested by your dentist after tooth extraction in Charlotte, NC, to ensure a healthy and quick recovery. Additionally, you can also try getting some light exercise to maintain your blood sugar level.

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