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benefits of dental sealants from Charlotte dentist

Pediatric Dentistry : Dental Sealants and Its Benefits

In pediatric dentistry, preventive care is critical for your health. We are allowed to shape the behaviors of young children to ensure that they will have healthy smiles for the rest of their life. Dental sealants are one of the instruments we utilize to promote a cavity-free future. Sealants are a common preventative dental procedure that many people have never heard of, even if their parents had them as children (or even as adults!). Visit Promenade Center For Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, for the best dental sealants-related treatment.

Here Are A Few Distinct Advantages Of Using Dental Sealants:


1. Prevents Cavities from Forming

Dental sealants can use a “tooth-colored” plastic to coat the tooth’s surface to keep a child’s teeth healthy and cavity-free. Bacteria cannot persist on the surface of a tooth because of this layer of protection. Dental sealants are a safe and effective approach to safeguarding a child’s tooth enamel since bacteria cannot attack the sealant-protected enamel.

2. Every Child Is Eligible for Help

Even if your kid is diligent about brushing and flossing, dental caries may still strike. Bacteria thrive in the crevices of a tooth, which makes them ideal breeding grounds. Even if a youngster brushes twice a day, germs left behind in the deep grooves of their teeth will produce cavities, regardless of how often they do so. The use of dental sealants may help to keep teeth healthy by providing an extra layer of protection.

3. The Procedure Is Painless and Quick

Dental sealants may be applied in a matter of minutes. Sealant material is administered after teeth have been thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Lemon juice or vinegar may be a moderate treatment to prepare teeth. To ensure that the sealant material adheres correctly to the tooth, this procedure gently roughens the surface of each tooth. Afterward, the acrylic sealant is put to the prepared tooth or teeth. There are grooves and depressions on the surface of a tooth that may be filled up with sealant. It is then allowed to solidify for 1-2 minutes, at which point the pits and grooves of the tooth are sealed and protected from microorganisms.

4. Have a Prolonged Shelf Life

Applying sealants to the teeth early in life can help keep them free of decay for the rest of the child’s life, as sealants may last for many years with good maintenance. Your sealants will stay longer if you practice proper dental hygiene and refrain from biting on harsh items. As part of regular dental appointments, the dentist will inspect the sealants and may suggest re-application or repair if required.

5. Dental Sealants are cost-effective

Sealants are less expensive than dental restorations, but they also provide better protection for children’s teeth in a shorter amount of time. The majority of dental insurance providers include sealants in their basic policy. Dentists recommend dental sealants to parents because they may keep children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free for a fraction of the expense.

6. It’s Possible to Apply Sealants Early On

Dental sealants should be administered as soon as a permanent tooth emerges for the best protection. Sealants are particularly beneficial to children between six and seven when their first permanent molars begin to erupt.

7. Is Appropriate For All Ages

Dental Sealants aren’t only for kids, as some people assume. They’re also good for adults.. However, the advantages may be enjoyed by everyone. Small crevices in elderly patients’ teeth need to be covered to prevent germs from entering the tooth.

If you look at your teeth from the back, you can see many grooves and crevices on the occlusal surfaces of your molars and premolars. Dentists in Charlotte, NC, have created a unique treatment to seal the grooves and prevent cavities since that’s where most permanent tooth cavities arise. As a result, they’re known as “sealants.” Because even the tiniest toothbrush bristles can’t reach the back teeth’s tiny grooves, dentists prescribe sealants to keep food and germs from accumulating there.

To assist the sealants in adhering to the teeth (and since they’re not healthy for you!) , we urge that children refrain from eating or drinking anything sticky, chewy, or gooey. Sealants may make your kid’s bite feel strange for a few days after they are applied, but the teeth will rapidly adapt, and your youngster should get acclimated to them in a few days. We will check the sealants at every well-care visit to make sure they are still in place, particularly if your kid grinds their teeth at sleep.


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