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how to care for your dentures

Tips To Take Care Of Your Dentures

Proper maintenance can be beneficial for both your mouth and dentures. Dentures, be partial or complete, should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to prevent stains and bacteria. This blog will help you know the tips to follow in cleaning, managing, and storing your dentures. 

How To Clean Dentures?

Dentures should be taken out and cleaned after each meal. If you cannot clean it after every meal, rinse and brush the dentures at least once a day with a denture cleanser, mild dish soap, or liquid hand soap. This can be an effective way to get rid of food particles, plaque, etc. Remove any leftover adhesive from your gums if you use a denture adhesive. This is not recommended if you use a denture cleanser. 

The items that should never be used to clean your dentures are:

  • Abrasive cleaning items – Toothpaste, abrasive cleansers, and brushes with stiff bristles are all exceptionally abrasive and can seriously harm your dentures.
  • Whitening toothpaste – Most toothpaste with whitening agents can be harsh to your teeth and also your dentures. Therefore, it is never advisable for you to use this kind of toothpaste for cleaning dentures.
  • Hot water – Numerous people think that hot water can be used to clean almost anything. You need to know that using hot water to clean your denture can deform it.

Speak with your dentist or prosthodontist to find out if bleaching your dentures is secure. The American College of Prosthodontists recommends not soaking dentures in bleach or other products containing sodium hydrochloride for more than ten minutes. Putting your dentures in sodium hydrochloride solution for more than 10 minutes can lead to serious damage.

How To Handle Dentures?

If you use a cleaning solution, make sure to properly rinse your dentures before putting them back. This step can never be skipped as the toxic ingredients present in the solution can cause discomfort, sickness, or burns if consumed. Always keep your dentures on a soft surface or in a sink of water while handling them. You need to know that dentures are quite fragile and are likely to break if they are dropped. 

Where Should You Store Your Dentures?

Your dentures could become damaged if you leave them out to dry or soak them in hot water. Dentures should always be kept in room temperature water or a denture solution that your dentist has recommended when not in use.  

Never wrap your dentures in a paper towel. They may easily be mistaken for trash and thrown away. Try to keep your dentures out of the reach of kids and animals. Children enjoy playing with dentures, while dogs may enjoy chewing them.

Maintain A Proper Dental Health

Taking proper care of your dental health is very important if you want to take care of your dentures. Maintaining an oral hygiene routine includes brushing at least twice a day, flossing, using a mouthwash, etc. 

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