9 Nov
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Getting New Teeth: A Dental Case Study

A great question we get from patients in our dental office here in Charlotte is, “Why are there so many steps involved in getting new teeth?”

This is a case study from a recent patient that we completed. The entire process took about 4-6 months to complete. The patient had worn teeth as well as some chemical erosion on her teeth. The combination led to her teeth breaking down to the point where it looked like it was not going to be salvageable. A case for extractions and dental implants can be made for the patient. In our office, we like to review options and talk about the benefits and risks of each option.

Her teeth although severely broken down, after evaluating the x-rays and checking the integrity of them, we felt that we can get a little bit more life out of them. And dental implants are getting better and better every day. So, if and when she needs to go down that route, it’ll be that much better.

For this particular case to obtain length, we utilized Dr. Shannon Parsons at Carolina Periodontics. He did an excellent job with the esthetic crown lengthening. This step was crucial to getting the results that we wanted. Without the esthetic crown lengthening, her teeth would have looked shorter, and there would be very little for the crowns to grab onto.

And for our crowns work, we used Paul at Dentec Dental Labs, located in Matthews. He did the initial wax-up of the case, the new wax-up and eventually the crowns. Although there were multiple visits involved, the patient went home with temporaries and at the end of it, all we were all happy with the results and the process went very smoothly.

If you ever want a consultation on what can be done for your teeth. Feel free to reach out to us.

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