15 Sep

The Cost of Invisalign

Starting off Invisalign in Charlotte NC is an exciting process. It provides you with teeth aligners that bring you one step closer to your ideal smile.  Along with teeth aligners, some people also have to wear additional accessories such as rubber bands, attachments, buttons, and etc. It has major appeal because, unlike braces, the trays are invisible and you are able to eat whatever you want. Prior to starting treatment, it is important that patients are aware of not just the investment in time but also the financial investment. Depending on the length of the overall treatment, the cost can range from $3880 to $5880 at our dental office offering Invisalign in Charlotte, NC. It is a one time cost with no additional charges being charged within 5 years of starting the treatment. This out of pocket cost can be intimidating at first however, our office in Charlotte, NC offers several different financial options to make the treatment more feasible for you.

Financial Options at our Office

Dental insurances with orthodontic coverage typically offer 50% coverage up to $2500 depending on the plan that you have chosen. They also have age limits which can make it difficult for those older than a certain age to receive coverage. In order to better understand your insurance plan, our dental office in Charlotte, NC will provide you with a comprehensive financial breakdown of your treatment including coverage information and qualification during our free Invisalign consultation. In addition to providing information regarding insurance coverage, we also offer third party financing, in house flexible monthly payment plans, and $1000 discount associated with the purchase of our in house plan. To learn more about our in house plan, click here. If you have any other questions about the treatment process or the financial breakdown of Invisalign, call us today to book your FREE Invisalign consultation with our dental office in Charlotte, NC.

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