13 Mar

Why Invisalign® Is Your Best Orthodontic Alternative

Invisalign® is a clear form of orthodontic aligner that is meant to straighten your teeth to perfection. By ‘clear aligner’, we mean that it’s transparent and nearly invisible, which is where the aligner gets its name from.

Invisalign® is also removable, unlike traditional orthodontic braces, giving you more freedom in your orthodontic treatment. It is especially popular among teenagers and professionals, who are conscious of their everyday looks. With the characteristics of Invisalign®, it has become widely popular across the world, owing to its several benefits. Thus, without further ado, here’s why Invisalign® treatment is your best orthodontic alternative:

1. Comfortable treatment

Invisalign® is made of clear and fine plastic material, which of course, does not have any brackets and wires. While initially you may struggle a little with your speech and getting used to the object inside your mouth, it’s insignificant considering the struggles associated with orthodontic braces.

Once you get used to the aligner in a couple of days, they’ll feel natural and comfortable inside your mouth.

2. Nobody has to notice!

Why let the world know about your orthodontic treatment? With its near-invisible property, Invisalign® can let you flaunt your natural smile while undergoing your orthodontic treatment. Hardly anyone can notice these aligners, making you less conscious about your smile.

3. Convenient

Invisalign® treatment is more convenient than orthodontic braces. This is particularly because they’re removable and hence, you can take them off when eat, drink, brush, floss, or simply feel like taking them off for a while. It’s not going to affect your treatment as long as you wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day.

Since you can remove them when you eat, brush and floss, food particles don’t get stuck in these aligners and it, therefore, protects your oral health.

4. Computerized treatment

One of the major perks of Invisalign® treatment is the fact that the treatment is computerized. The progression of the treatment is visualized on a computer, giving you an idea of how your treatment will unfold. Unlike in the case of traditional braces, you don’t have to wait hopefully for the results. You know which stage your treatment is in and how well your teeth have shifted.

However, Invisalign® treatment cannot treat certain dental occlusions. To know if it’s suitable to treat yours, you need a dental consultation. Get a dental consultation for Invisalign® treatment in Charlotte NC. Click here for more details.

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